Obviously, I am still a bit iffy about blogging.  After a terrific fall here in Montana, winter is tentatively making a play for our attention.  A brief cold snap with snow is predicted, but then we are back to mild weather.  However, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, with Christmas hard on its heels.  I'm a fan of both, but truly treasure Thanksgiving as a time for my family to gather.  I feel fortunate to be back in Montana after 20+ years living in other parts of the country.  Thanksgiving is so much fun now with my brothers and sisters-in-law, mother & mother-in-law,  all gathering here to cook and catch up, while all the cousins entertain each other.  I love my large kitchen with its tremendous island as that means 10+ people can be cooking and chatting.  I'm tempted to scour some of the new cookbooks that have just come into the store for some exotic recipes, but suspect we will just stick to our historic dishes.  Maybe I could try a new pie, though???  I'm a fan of pumpkin, and didn't think anything could be better than standard pumpkin pie.  However, Wednesday night I was treated to a homemade pumpkin pie made with eggnog.  Even better than the standard recipe!  Sometimes it is hard to believe you can improve on perfection.  And really, pumpkin pie is SO HEALTHY - egg, milk, pumpkin rich in vitamins.  We'll ignore the sugars for now.  I wish everyone a blessed, and thankful Thanksgiving.  Consider spending the entire day with family and friends, and let them know how much they all mean to you. - Ann
Here in Butte, we have had our first snow of the season.  The leaves are still on the trees, and are just starting to turn, but with snow and cooler temperatures, summer definitely feels like it is over.  Time to leave beach reads behind (as if we have any beaches around here :)) and start collecting reading material for the winter.  That means long books in which you can lose yourself.  Or, perhaps it is time to pick up a new hobby for those winter nights.  We have a terrific craft and how-to section.  Stop by, browse a bit, find a good read or some new inspiration.
This is our lovely new sign by Drummond MT!  Thanks to all who helped make this happen!!
    Thanks to my technical advisor, I have figured out how to log on to the web builder (NOT straightforward) and how to add a paragraph to the blog.  Let's see if I can actually publish next.  It's been a busy summer at the store.  I'm always thrilled to see the folks who drive to/through Butte once a year and make sure to stop and visit.  I promise I try hard to remember my annual visitors.   
    I am looking to make some improvements around the store.  The first change was a new logo design and website.  Next, the outside walls of the building will be painted.  I am slowly getting a small amount of painting done inside as well.  Hopefully, the last improvement for the year will be a leveled and re-paved parking lot on the south side of the building.  Once the paint job is done, I will post new photos!
    Enjoy September - it is truly one of the finest months in Montana!


    Hi- I'm Ann, owner of Second Edition Books.  I have never blogged before.  We'll see how this goes!  Please come visit us at Montana's best used bookstore and we will do our best to help you find the books you are looking for.


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